Interviews & Assessments

Writing an impressive CV is one thing, proving your claims to a potential employer through interviews and assessment days is the next stage of the job search journey. Interviews and assessment days are an opportunity for employers to find out more about you, and for you to find out more about them. If you have been invited to an interview then your application has been effective and you now have the chance to talk directly to your prospective employer.

Not all interviews will be successful - it’s often where people get stuck: either you haven’t prepared sufficiently, or you don’t come across well for other reasons. So, whether you're just starting out in your career or moving to a new job, knowing how to navigate interviews and assessments may improve your chance of success. 

The “interview and assessments” sections will help you feel more confident on the day and enable you to:

  • research the job and company and think in advance about possible questions and answers
  • follow basic principles which may help you perform well in any interview situation
  • understand what assessment centres are, how employers use them, and the exercises involved
  • understand what psychometric tests and personality assessments are, why employers use them and have the opportunity to practise these activities
  • understand why it’s important to write thank you notes and demonstrate your appreciation
  • reflect on the reasons for rejection and implement the lessons learned

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