The Watercraft talent trainee program

The challenge!

The world changes and the watershed changes. Working at the water boards, you work in a dynamic environment where you work on leading projects. You are actively contributing to a safe, beautiful and sustainable Netherlands. The water mission in the Netherlands has arrived at a crucial point; Sea levels rise and there are more and more extreme periods of precipitation. Answers should be found on key issues. In addition to climate change, the increasing urbanization and the ever-increasing lack of space have a major impact on water management. In short; In this traineeship, it is "now working on the future" at the center. The coming time is about sustainability and innovation, with cooperation being a key word. This applies both to the water boards as well as to external parties and international partners. The water boards are a major task and face serious challenges in the coming years, with talented and ambitious people being urgently needed. People like you!

Vacancy number: Traineepool
Closing date: 30 September 2017
Location: traineeship (changing)
Function Group: Trainee
Contract type: certain time

The water

boards The Watercraft talent trainee program is an initiative of the following water boards:

  1. Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier; 
  2. Waterschap Rivierenland incl. High Water Protection Plan; 
  3. Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland; 
  4. Hoogheemraadschap van Schieland and Krimpenerwaard;
  5. Waterschap Hollandse Delta; 
  6. High Delegate Council of Delft; 
  7. Union of Water Companies.

More than 3,000 employees work at these water boards.

The design

The trainee program offers space for twenty trainees who are affinity with technique and / or water. The trainees will be deployed for several years on various projects that relate to the following six topical themes; Waterquakes & Safety / HWBP, Asset Management, Water Quality, Water Quantities, Sustainability and Innovation, Spatial Planning, Environmental Law.
You focus your application on a topic that best fits your study background and interest or with which you have the most affinity. Below you will find a list of the six themes you can apply for. You have the option to specify two more preferences. Whichever theme you choose, the same roles apply to all trainees, ie a broad commitment as an upcoming process or project leader, advisor and / or director. After the full selection process, the 20 trainees will be divided over the water boards and the exact projects will be announced.
We take into account preferences and travel distance, but you should be prepared to travel. Your choice of theme does not mean that you are stuck here throughout the entire period. Your own interests and skills will be further developed in this trainee program. It may be that you eventually end up on a topic that initially does not seem to be your preference, but has gradually developed a passion. Every 8 months you roll between the participating organizations and / or the High Water Protection Program.

The training program

The trainee program Waterschapstalent offers you the chance to gain broad experience with attractive employers. The trainee program lasts two years and consists of a modular training program that focuses on substantive depth, currentity (through theme days and workshops) and increasing your personal effectiveness. In addition, you will work together with the colleagues in this period for an overcoming project. The time spent on the training is on average four hours a week next to your regular work week (32 hours).

Selection criteria 

  • completed relevant HBO or WO degree; 
  • graduated no more than 2 years ago; 
  • a networker that connects easily on process and on relationship; 
  • affinity with technique and / or water;
  • independence and self-reliance; 
  • a healthy dose of self-reflection 
  • creative and result-oriented; 
  • change oriented. 

Waterschapstalent offers

  • a service with a 32-hour working week for the duration of two years; 
  • a joint training program, intervision and coaching; 
  • an inspiring and educational environment; 
  • a gross monthly salary of € 2,296.89 based on a working week of 32 hours; 
  • an individual election budget (IKB) of approximately 20-22% of salary.

Contact info

If you are interested in this feature, please respond by Friday, September 29, 2017. For more information on the role of trainee, refer to the website 

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