Use the mobile app 'Pulse'

Pulse is a free app created to access Brightspace easily on your mobile devices (both iOS and Android). It is especially useful to keep up to date with changes in the course content and announcements placed by instructors. For this reason, it is advised to download the Pulse app. Of course, Pulse also allows you to navigate to your courses and to see the different modules and attached files.

How to use Pulse?

Once you have downloaded the Pulse app, you will be asked to pick your school. Type TU Delft in the search bar. Once you tap on TU Delft, you will be given access.

Log in using your NetID. You can now start using the app.

Pulse has three main tabs, displayed on the bottom of the screen. From left to right, these are Calendar, Courses and Notifications. Let us look at each in more detail.

  •  The Calendar can be seen both in Week view and in Schedule view. The Week view shows the activities of the selected day, whereas the Schedule view shows the activities for the entire course in one overview.
  • The Courses tab displays your courses and the course content, like your lecture slides. This tab opens by default when you open the app.
  • The Notifications tab is divided into Updates and Subscriptions. Updates show what content has been altered. Subscriptions allows you to see contributions from other users to discussion threads you are following.

Some items in Pulse might not be visible, for which it would be best to use your desktop browser. One example of this is file descriptions. Descriptions for a file will display on a normal browser, but not on the app.

Still, using Pulse to stay up to date on changes and announcements is very convenient!

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