• The thesis committee assesses the thesis project by evaluating the research performance, the final thesis report and the defence, according to the following criteria:
      • Quality of work (40%)
        • Research method/design
        • Application/development of theory
        • Interpretation of the results
        • Scientific significance
      • Performance (30%)
        • Critical attitude
        • Creativity
        • Initiative
        • Interaction with peers/superiors
        • Planning
      • Report (20%)
        • Content
        • Form
        • Quality of writing
        • Independence in writing
      • Presentation and defense (10%)
        • Content
        • Form
        • Performance
        • Defence

The voting members of the thesis committee determine the final grade. In order to pass, each of the partial grades must be 6.0 or higher. 
See the thesis assessment form and grading scheme for more detailed information.
The candidate is given a short account of the assessment, either in private or in front of the audience. The chairman of the thesis committee signs the thesis assessment form, formalising the grade for the thesis project. 

With distinction
If the result of the thesis project is at least 9.0, the designation ‘with distinction’ for the Master’s degree can be granted by the Board of Examiners. Other requirements that have to be met for the designation ‘with distinction’ are listed in the Rules and Regulations of the board of examiners.


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