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To study abroad can be expensive. Lucky for you TU Delft offers several study and research grants for which you can apply when going abroad. Find all the information you need below or find a study or research grant yourself via the website from Nuffic.



TU Delft | Global Initiative

TU Delft | Global Initiative is the platform, portal and booster of science and technology for global sustainable development at TU Delft. Through this initiative scientists from TU Delft use their expertise to find concrete solutions for worldwide problems. For MSc students performing a multidisciplinary research project (for 6 weeks or more) in low and middle income countries contributing to solving the Sustainable Development Goals, TU Delft | Global Initiative offers support of max. € 500,- per team.



Scholarship portal

Find Scholarships to Finance Your Study


Nuffic overview private scholarships

Nuffic offers you an overview of more than 200 scholarships and grants for students that travel abroad for study, internship or research purposes. As a TU Delft student you can apply for these grants even though they aren't directly connected to the TU Delft.



European Funding Guide

The European Funding Guide works with an algorithm that shows student only the scholarships, bonusses and awards that fit their profile. The 12.000 programmes cover several issues where students might need (financial) support. This could be living expences and college fees but also extra costs for a semester abroad, language courses and the costs of scientific projects. 






The VSBfonds offers Dutch students financial support when going abroad after finishing their bachelor or master studies. So when you decide to continue your studies or research abroad you can apply for the VSBfonds. The VSBfonds has made several grants available for TU Delft students, whom are involved with their environment and want to continue their development. Application deadline is 1 March 2018.


StuD & Fundatie Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude Delft

StuD Studentenuitzendbureau and Fundatie Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude Delft offer scholarships up to € 2.500 for gifted students from Delft University of Technology or Polytechnics planning to do a project in the framework of their BSc or MSc program, focussed on either innovative, sustainable or societal relevant topics also including other opportunities such as scholarships for a study abroad.


StuD Fonds

StuD is the employment agency for TU Delft students. It is a non-profit organisation which invests its profits into funds for TU Delft students. They specifically support students who go abroad for projects relating to sustainability, entrepreneurship or social issues. No study trips or internships abroad.


TU Delft supported grants

Erasmus+ Study

Are you going to study abroad at one of the partner universities of the TU Delft within the EU? Then you are entitled to receive an Erasmus+ scholarship. Depending on your destination you will receive a monthly allowance between €150 - €270.


Erasmus+ Traineeship Grant

When you are going abroad to do an internship at a company, educational institution, university, research facility or other organization within Europe, you can apply for a Erasmus+ Traineeship Grant. Depending on your destination you are entitled to receive between €270 - €390 per month.


IDEA League


The IDEA League daily offers students of its five partner universities over 180 scholarships. The partner universities are: Politecnico di Milano, Chalmers, RWTH Aachen, ETH Zürich en TU Delft.


International Internship Fund

Will you do your internship abroad and is your internship income less than €1.000 net per month? Apply for the International Internship Fund, keeping in mind that your internship needs to yield at least 10 ECTS.


Justus & Louise van Effen Research Grant

This scholarship is meant for students that will go abroad to do research at one of the top 20 Engineering and Technical universities as stated by The Times Higher Education Rankings 2016.



When you are going to study abroad at a parter university of TU Delft outside of Europe, you can apply for the STIR Fund. You will once receive an allowance of €400 to accomodate you in the extra expenses you will encounter.


Holland Scholarship

When you are interested in studying, researching or doing an internship abroad outside the European Economic Area -EU and Lichtenstein, Iceland and Norway- you can apply for a Holland Scholarship. 32 scholarships is available in the academic year 2017-2018


University Fund

The University Fund offers several scholarships to students going abroad for their graduation, a presentation during a congres, an international competition or internship and, finally, to accomodate the extra expenses. These scholarships and grants usually revolve around certain topics or themes. Check their webpage for more info on the conditions and how to apply.

(Dutch only)

University Fund Study Abroad for Free-movers

Are you going abroad for your studies, research or an internship at a university TU Delft does not have a partnership with? This scholarship of the University Fund then offers you financial support.


Virtual Mobility Fund

When you are participating in international virtual courses or projects that earn you at least 6 ECTS, as part of your study programme, you can apply for the Virtual Mobility Fund. You can get back 50% of your travel expenses up to a maximum of €250.


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