Clearing lockers and studios

08 januari 2018 door Communication BK

In the Oostserre and all studios, the Faculty’s cleaning crew will start emptying and cleaning the lockers and studios from Monday 5 February. Therefore, please make sure that your studio and locker is empty before Friday 2 February. Any materials and belongings that students and staff leave behind in the studios and lockers will be thrown away.

Temporary storage space

If you do not have space to store your belongings temporarily at home, you can store them at the Faculty in the Oostserre on the black cupboards.

You must put an “owner label” on your model and you must collect your materials before the start of the new semester, Monday 12 February 2018.  “Owner labels” are available at the Service point. Models and materials that are not collected before the start of the new semester will be thrown away. Attention: You are responsible for removing your belongings from the studios and lockers. Any articles remaining in the studios and student lockers after Friday 2 February will be thrown away.

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