Colloquium Michel Wolken (ASM)

13 januari 2017 | 9:30 - 13:00
plaats: Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Kluyverweg 1, Delft.
door Department of Communication

Michel Wolken will give a presentation on his master thesis, entitled:

Energy dissipation response of a rectangular tube on axial impact


A surrogate model is used to predict the energy dissipation response for a rectangular beam, initiated by an axial impact. This method is used for one type of steel, after which a generalization is performed to make it available for multiple types of metal.


It is with great pleasure that I invite you all to attend this presentation. The Colloquium will be held as follows:

Date : 13th of January, 2017
Time Presentation Session: 09.30 - 11.00h, room  G
Time Graduation Session: 12:00 - 13.00h, room  G
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Kluyverweg 1, Delft.

Kind regards,

Julien van Campen, Daily Supervisor

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