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Earn credits at top universities without having to travel there

Are you curious, motivated and committed?

Then take an online course and learn at your own pace and at a time that suits you, whilst still working toward gaining your degree of choice – be it as part of your minor, elective or honours programme. You can also choose a course in a topic of personal interest - Expand your horizon!

Inspiring lecturers from high-ranking international universities, from Australia to Switzerland and from Hong Kong to our own campus – are ready to engage with you and your fellow students from countries across the globe to broaden and enrich your knowledge and portfolio.

6 new courses in January

For the new semester, from January to June 2018 - you can choose between 18 courses – 6 of which are brand new topics! Find your course now.
We will also offer courses during the summer – watch out for an update.

Enrolment in these courses is easy – it only takes 3 steps!

What we need from you is a clear commitment to engage with the course and stay with the programme, so that you don’t miss out on the benefits and we – and our partner universities - are able to maintain high-standards of participation and completion.

  • Online, flexible, free
    Study at the time and place that suits you - more freedom, for free
  • Enrich and broaden your portfolio
    Choose electives from courses from leading universities
  • Access to expertise
    World-class academic staff – enthusiastic, knowledgeable lecturers the other side of the screen
  • Diverse learning experience
    User-friendly courses - varied activities, multiple format content and flexible choices to optimise learning – and exclusive access to enriched content
  • Connect
    Be part of a global, culturally rich student community – make connections and grow your international circle 

It only takes three steps:

Find your online course

Apply by filling out the form

Start your online experience

For questions you can email us:


  • Make sure that you know what is expected from you (workload, required prior knowledge, assessment) and that you are committed to the course.
  • On completion of the online course and on successful final assessment (this can vary, from a written exam here at our campus to a digital oral assessment with the lecturer) you will receive credits for your grade list.
  • This application process is to ensure that you can participate and that the result will be added to your grade list in Osiris. For approval of the online course as part of your study programme (e.g. elective, or part of a free minor), you have to follow the regular procedures of your faculty or BSc/MSc programme.
  • For the Honours Programme Bachelor Interdisciplinary, there is a maximum of 2 ECTS. Find information about qualifications in BrightSpace. For the other part of your Honours Programme, you need to follow your faculty procedures.
  • The number of places available for each of the online courses is limited. 



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