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17-24 March 2018

Athens General Rules

Application Deadline: 24 January 2018

Faculty Exchange coordinators

Grant (after completion): €100 + 2 ECTS

Twice a year you have the opportunity to follow a one-week intensive course, organised by several European Universities. This programme is called the ATHENS programme (Advanced Technology Higher Education Network, Socrates). Each course also boasts its own social programme. You can earn 2 ECTS and the ATHENS compensation of €100,- as a contribution to the travel abroad.

The next ATHENS session is held from 17-24 January 2018.

Course programme
The courses allow you either to deepen your knowledge within your area of studies or to discover a new discipline. The courses are held in English and/or French. Each course includes about 30 hours of scientific course work. Another 10-15 hours go towards ‘European Dimension’ activities; you will not only discover the university and the city, you will also meet other international students and have a great time.

Can I participate?
The courses are open to Master and Bachelor students who have completed all first year courses and have obtained a minimum of 120 ECTS. Because places are limited, exchange and free mover students are excluded from participation.

Costs & Compensation
The course is free of charge. However, a small fee is charged for the social programme. Travel, living and accommodation costs are at your own expense. If you attend and successfully finish your course and social programme you will receive the ATHENS compensation of €100,- as a contribution to the travel abroad, upon your return.**

You can request accommodation online. Students are usually accommodated in Hostels and Hotels. You may have to share a room with other students.*

Travel documents and insurance
Check whether you travel documents are still valid. Taking out health, travel and third party insurance is your own responsibility.

Consider carefully before submitting your application. Do not apply before your study timetable for March is known. If necessary, ask your professors if you are allowed to miss classes that week. Once you are registered and placed for an ATHENS course, you are committed to attend the course and the social programme!
You cannot cancel (except for emergencies). If you do cancel TU Delft will charge an administrative fee of €50. Furthermore, you may have to pay the costs incurred for your accommodation and the social programme.

The ATHENS organisation places the applicants in the courses. TU Delft has no influence in this process. Placement is not guaranteed as the number of applications for popular courses regularly exceeds the number of available places. In these cases, lots are drawn. However, you can increase your chances of being selected by applying for several courses in different countries. Do not apply for courses you do not want to attend. Once you are placed, you have to participate.
If you want to follow a course with a friend, consider that you may not be placed in the same course or country and that one of you may not be placed at all!

How to apply:

  1. Go to the ATHENS website;
  2. Complete your registration form and submit it online;
  3. Print a copy of your registration form;
  4. Write your bank account number under ‘special needs’**
  5. Put your signature on both pages;
  6. Have it signed by the exchange coordinator at your faculty: 
  7. Scan the signed document and send it (before 24 January 2018) to:

departments / faculties



Aerospace Engineering

LR International Office

Applied Earth Sciences

Ms. M. Kraeger

Applied Sciences

TNW International Office


BK International Office

Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science

EEMCS International Office

Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Science

3ME International Office

Civil Engineering

Ms. M. Kraeger


Ms. E. Fendel

Industrial Design Engineering

IDE International Office

Technology, Policy and Management

Ms. C. Hoek

Detailed information will be available from January 2018 at
The website will provide information on the available courses, estimated costs, accommodation, arrival dates and the social programme.

* Estimated costs for each destination can be found at the ATHENS website.
** We need it to transfer the ATHENS compensation to your bank account.

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